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My Blogging Routine

Friday, May 26, 2017
My Blogging Routine | Lenne Zulkiflly

I have developed a routine that I go by every single time I blog. It didn't change, it is what it is since the beginning and I still stick to it at this point. So, in today's post I thought I'd share my blogging routine with you guys. It's really simple, nothing fancy or complicated, but hopefully it might become handy to someone out there? Perhaps. Here it goes. 


Yes, it all starts with a plan. I always have to plan things before I do them. I would say I'm pretty organized and I like it better when everything is planned. So, before hitting letters on the keyboard and having my thoughts and words written to the blog, I first sit down with my blogging notebook and jot down the things I'm going to write about. Yes, I jot down things and I know it's very old-fashioned but it works for me because I tend to forget major things I want to mention in a post. 


After I jot down all the details and points, I will then start to write the post. I like to do the writing first and the photography comes next because I just work that way since the beginning. Writing a post can take forever for me because I will read and re-read the post to make sure no spelling errors or basically just any errors before I hit the 'Publish' button. I want to be 100% happy with the content and the quality is approved by me. After I'm satisfied with the result, I will save it as a draft then I can work on the photography (if the post requires my own photo). Just a little FYI, a big cup of tea is very much needed during this session because it's always take the longest. You feel me? 


I take all of my blog photos using my phone, as you guys probably should have known by now and I edit them using only 2 amazing apps that I downloaded in my phone - Snapseed and VSCO. Honestly, I kind of having a love/ hate relationship with taking photos just because it's exciting, fun and all but it's tiring! Hands down. You have to have the angles right, no shaky hands and don't get me started with the weather. Anyway, after I'm happy with the photos, I will have it uploaded to join with that particular post and edit the Alt tags and whatnot.

My Blogging Routine | Lenne Zulkiflly

Sharing and promoting

I usually post around 8-10 in the morning, I'm not so sure why but I do. After that have been published for couple of hours, I then promote it. What I usually do is I share my new post on Twitter. Sometimes I do tweet about the post more than once (but I keep forgetting it) and I will not forget to include hashtags along with it because don't underestimate the power of hashtags. Haha! I also put a small description saying 'My Latest Blog Post' and link to the post on my Twitter bio, so whenever people visits my blog, they will know I have a new post. It's not going to work 100% but it sure does drive a crazy traffic to my blog. Yes, I gain lots of traffic and engagement from Twitter. 

That's pretty much my blogging routine, I know it's very simple. I know it may seems unorganized to some of you guys, but I work that way and it suits me best. And I really admire people that has posts planned and written for months in advance. That's awesome and keep doing you! Aaand salam ramadhan al-mubarak to muslims all around the world! ❤

Do you have a specific blogging routine?

My Drugstore Skincare Routine | Oily Skin

Tuesday, May 23, 2017
I'm pretty sure I'm the only beauty blogger who has never written a blog post about her skincare routine. Actually, I take that back. I did one but it was a very long time ago when nobody was reading my blog. But that's that. I'm going to share my simple skincare routine in a bit. 

Before anything, I have to throw a quick disclaimer. Let me just say that I'm not an expert when it comes to skincare and I'm not claiming to be one. I'm simply sharing my experience here and at least I didn't break out with any of these products. Also, I strongly believe that in order to achieve a healthy skin, I don't have to have big bunch of products to use daily or 10 steps routine to follow. That's just my opinion. Either way, I feel that this post will be a knowledgeable read.

My Drugstore Skincare Routine | Oily Skin

#1. Remove makeup/ dirt 

I strongly believe that makeup remover should be included in everyone's skincare routine because even if you are not wearing makeup, you have to clean the dirt that sits on top of your skin. This is my very first step and I do it with the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. Oh. Boy. It's definitely worth the hype and I don't even know how many times I have repurchased this. It works wonders, it removes all of my makeup very well and it's affordable. What else can I say? I highly recommend it. 

#2. Cleanse 

I have used so many cleansers in the past but nothing beats what I'm using right now, it's Pure Beauty White and Bright Cleansing Foam. You can get it at Watsons only, if I'm not mistaken. Now, I have a very uneven skin tone and all I can say is that, it totally evens out my skin tone and I'm so happy that I give this cleanser a try! Another good thing about this cleanser is it does not contain a lot of bubbles too, which is great. I have read somewhere that it's not preferable to have lots of bubbles in a facial cleanser and one should avoid it. Anyway, I cleanse twice a day: in the morning and right before I go to bed. 

#3. Tone

After I cleanse, toner is a must for me. I use a toner twice a day as well. It's an absolute must because it drives the pH of the skin back to normal, which is so important. Apparently, the pH of tap water can be pretty bad for the skin so you have to have a toner. Regardless, when I use a toner, I use the Oxy Oil Control Toner. It works well for me, it's alcohol-free, the sebum on my face have decreased and it moisturizes my face too, which is good because some toners tend to dry out the skin.

My Drugstore Skincare Routine | Oily Skin

#4. Moisturize 

Yes, people with oily skin types need to moisturize and can't skip this step. I use aloe vera gel as my moisturizer. Yup, no surprise. I love my aloe gel. If you wish to know more what aloe gel can be used for, I made a blog post where I talked about how I use my aloe gel HERE. It's been in my skincare regimen for years now. Since I'm having an oily skin (not by choice), I really have to go for moisturizers that are oil-free and gel-based formula. And aloe gel is the answer! It really hydrates and rejuvenates my skin. I like to use a thick layer before I go to bed and when I woke up in the morning, my skin feels so soft, smooth and healthy. It's a wonderful moisturizer for my skin, my skin loves it very much and I know lots of people don't like it and it's okay. You do you, boo. 

That's pretty much my daily skincare routine. It's so simple. However, sometimes, I like to be a little extra just because I love to pamper my skin. Or basically because I just like to give more to the skin. So here's what I do:

To exfoliate: To really deep clean and remove any dead skin on the face, I use a facial scrub from Organic Aid. Seriously, this scrub makes my face more supple and baby's-butt-smooth. I exfoliate twice a week and if you love your skin then you should know not to exfoliate every single day. 

To hydrate: I love sheet masks. I love them very much. I feel extra fancy when I put them on. Haha! Does anyone feel the way I feel? Okay, I like to use sheet masks once or twice a week to give my skin some extra hydration. I love the ones from Sasa and Guardian!

My Drugstore Skincare Routine | Oily Skin

To absorb excess oil: Whenever my T-zone or just basically the whole face gets oilier than usual, I know my Freeman Mint and Lemon Clay Mask will always do me good and always have my back. It works wonders on my skin, though I have read quite a number of bad reviews. But that's about that. Other than that, oil absorbent paper/ blotting paper is also a must for me and I'm using the one from Clean & Clear

There you go, my skincare routine. Actually, quite a number of people have been asking for my skincare routine and all I can say is that I don't have a fancy skincare routine like everybody else. Mine is so simple, yet you guys still want to know. Thank you so much! I hope this post is useful for you, any other way. 

Now, what's your skincare routine like? 

Catrice Nude Illusion Loose Powder

Wednesday, May 17, 2017
Catrice Nude Illusion Loose Powder | Lenne Zulkiflly

Growing up with oily skin type, a mattifying powder is a must for me. I have never reviewed a face powder on my blog before. It's not that I don't use it. In fact, I do use one whenever I wear makeup. I always use the same powder for a long time, it's hard for me to switch it up because I'm pretty loyal. Haha! The moment I saw that Catrice would come out with a loose powder that doesn't break the bank - it's only MYR23, I knew I must grab it and glad that I did!


The transparent, loose powder with a soft-focus effect provides all skin types with a long lasting matte effect. The micro fine powder particles absorbs excess oil and ensure a matte effect without drying out your skin. For a smooth and flawless complexion. Can also be used to set makeup. Available as a transparent powder - universally suitable for every skin tone and type.


This powder comes in a simple plastic tube, I believe. A high quality one. It's a container with a see through/ transparent sides so you can immediately see the remaining powder. So that's a plus. The size is not too big and not too small, just right and travel-friendly. Inside, there is a plate with holes that is attached to the tube for easy dispensing of the powder.

Catrice Nude Illusion Loose Powder | Lenne Zulkiflly


The powder is white but when applied on the skin it becomes clear. I have a medium dark skin but this powder doesn't look white on me, at least I don't look like a ghost. Haha! I have oily skin type, with the usage of this powder, it mattifyes my skin and the fact that I'm able to control the shine for at least 6 hours really 'wowed' me. It stays true to the claims. That's always a thumbs up. It doesn't exaggerate my pores as well, which is great! Just bear in mind that this powder has a fragrance to it and it lingers on for quite awhile.

  • Suitable for all skin tones
  • Doesn't leave a white cast
  • Blends easily 
  • Doesn't look cakey
  • Matte and natural finish 
  • Controls oil for at least 6 hours
  • Doesn't exaggerate pores
  • Travel-friendly 
  • Budget-friendly 
Catrice Nude Illusion Loose Powder | Lenne Zulkiflly

  • Contains parabens
  • Contains fragrance 
All in all, this is a great product and I believe suitable for every day wear. It gets the job done and I'm pleasantly surprised with the quality of this powder. Definitely would repurchase it and I would surely recommend it if you are looking for a loose powder that deserves a shot and would not hurt the bank :)

What is your favorite loose powder?

Blue Sky Tag

Friday, May 12, 2017
I'm having a major cramp right now. The struggle of being a woman. I feel so uncomfortable as I'm writing this post but now worries, I will be fine. So, I have been tagged by two persons - Farahin and Eyja. Thank you for tagging me, girls! Although this tag is quite similar with the Sunshine Blogger Award but there's no harm writing it.

You are supposed to thank the person who tagged you, answer the questions provided, tag another 11 people and provide 11 questions for them. However, I don't think I'm going to tag anyone beacuse I can't think of 11 questions at this point of time, also lots of bloggers I know have already been tagged so. In today's post, I will be answering 11 questions from Farahin and another 11 questions from Eyja. It's gonna be a long post so grab a cuppa and enjoy!

Blue Sky Tag | Lenne Zulkiflly


01. What was the last song you listen to? Describe about it.

Can't Help Falling In Love. It's a love song, obviously. I don't listen to love songs often but I'm currently in love so. Anyway, this song speaks my soul at the moment, I can't but to replay the song over and over again. 

02. What kind of music do you prefer to listen when you're driving? 

I don't drive because I don't have a driver's license yet, but when I do I would listen to the oldies because I'm a sucker for the 90s pop and probably a lot of soundtracks too :)

03. What is your favorite band?

Westlife, BSB, Maroon 5, One Republic, 5SOS.

04. Do you prefer cheap but delicious food at mamak/ warung or expensive and delicious food at hipster/ famous cafe?

I prefer both. I have my cravings and sometimes I want to eat a particular type of food, so it really depends on my cravings. Also in deciding where I'm going to eat is determined by my mood and how much cash I have #TheRealDeal

05. What is the thing that you're good at?

Spending money, playing with makeup, remembering names, procrastinating, chopstick usage, raising one eyebrow, making weird faces. I'm well aware that these are not talents or things like that but these are the only things (that I can think of right now) I'm good at.

06. If you have to choose between friends and lover, which one would you prefer?

Both are equally important to me. This question is like somehow asking, "Which one is more important: breathing in or breathing out?" Both are important and both will keep you alive, that's for sure. So that's about that.

07. How would you describe yourself? 

If I was to describe who I was, I would say I'm a cat lover, a makeup enthusiasts, bubbly, caring, sympathetic and I'm a people pleaser. I'm a sweetheart and a psycho girlfriend all in one. I can be short tempered, my patient bubbles really near the surface. I get frustrated with myself pretty easily because sometimes I don't know how to make things work. I'm a bit OCD in certain aspects of my life. I hate math or anything that involves numbers or calculating. And I love to laugh because I love the feeling of happiness and positivity. So that's me, what about you?

08. Do you really love what you are doing right now? (study/job/etc)

To be completely honest, I love what I'm doing right now - studying. I love studying and learning in general. I love to know and understand things. I know it takes up more time compare to binge watching TV shows but I love it, still.

09. When did you start blogging? 

I started when I was 14. Now that I'm 21 and I have been blogging on and off for 7 years-ish, I would say that does not give me the 'ticket' to be a successful blogger, yet. I'm still in the process of learning to become a successful one although it's kind of blurry. Long story short, I started when I was 14.

10. Why did you start blogging?

I made a post talking about how and why did I begin blogging here.

11. What do you love most about your blog?

Everything. Although it's not much compare to others but it's all about the content, right? And I love the fact that I'm able to inspire and be inspired through this platform :)


01. Tell me about yourself in 50 words.

A makeup enthusiast and a cat lover. That's what I'm mostly known for. I can be short tempered because I'm pretty impatient. I worry too much, I eat a lot and I workout at the same time and I love spending money on makeup and unnecessary stuff.

02. Open my About page, is there anything that you want to comment? 

Nothing, other than the fact that you are lovely, what's your skincare routine!? Hehe. Aaaand I just knew that you are the only child in your family. How does it feel to be the only child?

03. What lipstick that you use daily?

Blue Sky Tag | Lenne Zulkiflly

My top picks are MAC's Velvet Teddy and Please Me, Silkygirl Matte Lip Cream in 04 Vintage and 01 Retro.

04. Would you love to have bridesmaids during your wedding day or not? Why?

I don't have any plan yet for this. There are no rules written that you have to have bridesmaids on your wedding. I mean, sure, if they will be helping a lot and keep the drama low. However, my heart strongly says that it's not necessary. By not having bridesmaids on my wedding day, I can actually save a bit of money and focus on the things that should be focused.

05. What color might you wanna wear on your wedding ceremony? 

A mixture of white, soft pink and gold perhaps? Or just white? I don't know, I can't really decide. I need to ask my s/o. Haha.

06. Your favorite color is/ are....

Pastel colors, gold and rose gold. Gold is already bomb, but rose gold is definitely more bomb. You agree or nah?

07. When is your birthday? 

November 23rd! I kind of having a love/ hate relationship with my DOB because I don't like the fact that it's at the very end of the year but I also love that it's November because I love the name November. I know it does not make any sense, bear with me.

08. Close your eyes... what do you think of? 

I can't think of anything, honestly. It's too much to bear in my mind that I don't know what to think of first, if that makes sense.

09. Any achievement for this year so far? And what is that?

Nothing, really, other than I managed to maintain my GPA higher than 3.5 for the third semester. Alhamdulillah, I got 3.9 again for semester 3. I hope I can maintain like this for another 2 semesters left. Fingers crossed!

10. Why you choose to be a blogger?

I run my blog simply for personal reasons. I love sharing my experience to people out there and I love creating content. Being a blogger is fun and I enjoy doing it. That's the only thing that matters.

11. Be honest... do you like my blog? Why?

I love it! I love it simply because of your content, I have been following you for quite some time now and I really love the way you write and what you put up on your blog <3

I hope you enjoyed!

What It's Like To Be A Teacher's Daughter

Monday, May 08, 2017
I come from a family of teachers. Both of my parents, my sister, my uncles and aunts are teachers. My mom and dad have now been teaching for over 20 something years, I believe. They were born to educate kids, they are so good at it and I'm proud of them. So, what is it like to be a teacher's daughter?

What It's Like To Be A Teacher's Daughter | Lenne Zulkiflly

I attended the primary school where my parents taught. I used to came in early with them every day for school. I stayed late every day and had to wait until their works are done. I did a lot of 'site visit' of the buildings in school just so I can shake the boredom off. And I also spent most of the time reading my mom and dad's confidential letters, documents, just bunch of things that I probably shouldn't read. I'm rebel liddat.

I surprisingly can recall each and every bits of moments like it's in the back of my mind and I loved every single thing of it.

Being a teacher's daughter, I have seen lots of adults approach my parents in the supermarket, shaking hands, hugging them and telling their children that my parents were one of their beloved teachers. These small acts never fail to amaze me. It's somehow tempted me to become a teacher myself but being the hot temper that I am, better not. I have had a lot of people asking me "Do you want to be a teacher just like your parents?" so many times in my life but I don't know. It feels like a huge responsibility and I don't know if I can pull it off successfully. And I have been told many many times that I have that potential to become one. I like spreading knowledge and new things to people but to educate them, man I have no idea.

Being a teacher's daughter, school starts to feel like home. I like the fact that my school feels like my home. Spending countless times after school and I lost count to the number of times I spent running around the empty school. Having to address my parents as 'Sir' and 'Ma'am' throughout the working hours. I hate those working hours. 

Being a teacher's daughter, I did the same homework everyone else did. I spent the similar amount of time on my homework just like everybody else. No cheating. My parents didn't practice those acts. Doesn't mean I'm a teacher's kid, I automatically dismissed from doing homework or such things. Being a teacher's daughter has its perks and flaws. At times, it can be a little too frustrating and a little too incredible all at the same time. I have heard all the gossip at the dinner table. I have all the access of information about the school; bratty kids, unreasonable parents, unresponsive administration etc. It felt like a behind-the-scenes all of the sudden.

Being a teacher's daughter, I was inevitably have to hear other kids bad-mouthing and complaining about teachers, how boring and strict they are. Man, kids sometimes can be too harsh. But whatever, my parents are fabulous of what they do.

Being a teacher's daughter, it wasn't all the educational lessons my parents have taught me in the past that made me where I am now. It wasn't all the extra lessons or extra books that my parents were able to get their hands to. It was the lessons they taught me at home, the lessons they learned from observing other kids. At the younger age, my parents taught me to be kind, to share, to be disciplined. As I grew up, they still do same but in a different way. They don't teach me as if I'm a little kid because I'm a grown up and I know what's right and what's wrong. I watched them spent hours and hours working at school, they would come home late from work every day, completely exhausted,  carrying lots of bags and folders but still managed to bought food with smiles on their face. I watched them stayed up later than I did in college just to finish a single task. That my friend, I know they taught me to work hard, to have courage, dedication and determination. 

Being a teacher's daughter is finding the cards and gifts with messy "I love you teacher" written all over. I can't help but to shed a tear because I know my parents are making a difference in these kids' lives. Being a teacher's daughter, I had to witness loads of things good and bad that my parents did due to their passion. Even at times it didn't pay enough, but they loved it. Very much. They love what they do and they taught me to don't just give it up. Every cloud has a silver lining, they say.

Being a teacher's daughter, I'm beyond proud to be one. Although sometimes it's hard having parents with a profession that doesn't have a stop but it's amazing and wonderful, still. It's not easy for them, but they would never want to be anything else because they were born to be a teacher for a reason. 

The things that teachers teach us, the support and advice that they give, can truly change our lives for the better, forever.

I love you, Umi and Abah.

Amoura Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick

Wednesday, May 03, 2017
Hello everyone! Today I'm reviewing the Amoura Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick for you guys. If you don't already know, Amoura Cosmetics is a local cosmetic brand and based in Malaysia that I never knew existed until someone introduced it to me. Yup, that's how pathetic I am. I believe they carry various beauty products other than lip product, I'm not quite sure. Anyway, I don't want to ramble on too much because that will bore you. So I have two liquid lipsticks to be talking about today and I believe they carry 9 or 10 shades but I only bought two haha. Let's get started with the review!

amoura cosmetics liquid lipstick review


The very first thing is of course the physical appearance of the product. Each Amoura Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick comes in a slim and colorful box (refer to the image). The liquid lipsticks are housed in a slim, square, and 'high end' looking matte glass tubes with the name Amoura Cosmetics printed on the body. I don't have to say much, I just loooove the packaging. 


It has a doe foot applicator that seems a bit stiff compared to other brands I've tried but it works well, though. The applicator seems longer too and has slimmer and pointed end. So easy to use!

amoura cosmetics liquid lipstick review
Pink Thing - a warm-toned peachy pink shade

amoura cosmetics liquid lipstick review
Dusty Rose - a cool-toned pinky mauve shade


They are claimed to have a creamy matte texture that dry down matte but they are not the extremely drying liquid lipsticks by any means. And I love that. I've used a super drying liquid lipstick in the past and trust me, it's not cute. Moving on, on the lips, they feel weightless and slightly powdery but in no way suck up the moisture of my lips because one of the ingredient is Shea butter! The formula of it is slightly different than what I used to encounter in a liquid lipstick - it's thin and watery (so be extra careful while applying) that glides on smoothly with medium pigmentation, I'd say. If I can talk negative about these liquid lipsticks is that they take forever to dry down completely matte. What can I say? I hate waiting. How about the staying power? If you want a super long wearing lip color, these are not for you. The reason I said that because these wear about 4-5 hours on me. They don't really survive the eating, drinking and talking. They will completely come off or wear off in the center and corner of the lips and that's not cute. However, you can always reapply, right? Did I mention that these liquid lipsticks have a strawberry scent and taste? Yes gurl, they do. And I've always tempted to eat them because they smell so good, but if you don't like scented lip products, you will hate these because it can be a little too overwhelming to certain people.

amoura cosmetics liquid lipstick review


With a matte lip cream like this, good lip prep is the key. What I like to do is put on a super thick layer of lip balm before I start my makeup. After I'm done with the base, eye makeup, highlight and whatnot, I then will remove the lip balm with a tissue, make sure my lips are dry and apply the liquid lipstick. As for the removal part, there's no pain to get these babies off because they are so easy to remove! They will instantly removed with only wet wipes but I don't have one, so what I like to do is I will remove it using my trustee Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water and gentle rub is all you need. I will apply lip balm on my lips afterwards so that they are moisturized and smooth.

amoura cosmetics liquid lipstick review

amoura cosmetics liquid lipstick review


Each Amoura Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick retails for MYR39. These can be found only on their official Instagram account --> Amoura Cosmetics

  • Easy to use and apply
  • Buildable and doesn't feel thick or heavy
  • Each shades are distinct from one another 
  • Doesn't suck up the moisture of the lips
  • Not extremely drying - creamy matte
  • Easy to remove
  • Takes forever to dry
  • Weak staying power 
Phew, what a long post! Overall, I give 3.5 out of 5 for these liquid lipsticks. They are okay but they are not my most-reached lip products. I will continue using them in the future and I don't regret purchasing them. That's all for today's review, I hope you enjoyed and until next time! x 

Have you tried these liquid lipsticks? If you haven't, let me know in the comments what are your favorite liquid lipstick brands!

Five Things In April

Saturday, April 29, 2017
Howdy guys! Wow, where has April gone? This month has totally flown by so fast and May is almost here. Not to mention that us Muslims will be fasting soon and are you guys excited? I know I do. Anyway, let's not ramble on too much and here's my Five Things In April. I hope you enjoy!


So, my aunt and uncle bought a new house and it's SO freaking amazing and beautiful. I'm crazy fangirling over this house or condo, if you will. All the renovation has been done and I believe it all started last year so it's pretty much done now.

It's a house full of mirrors, I tell you! Haha. My aunt and uncle are still searching and buying new stuffs for their new home and I'm in charged to help them to choose what's best for the purpose of decorations and along the lines of arranging things in the new house.

However, we have been shuttled regularly from the current home to the new home just because a lot of things going on and they can't really 'move in' just yet so yeah. It's tiring but whatever, I love the house. What do you guys think of the new house?


I'm currently on my two months semester break and I really don't know what to do for two months straight, so my aunt came up with a great idea to kind of babysit her kids. I totally don't have a problem with that as my meals and accommodation are fully provided by my aunt and uncle. Haha! I'll be happy to help them any other way. But the fact that I don't like kids that much just worries me at the beginning, now I guess I'm definitely their new best friend and I love them! Not to mention that my aunt is pretty busy with her cake business, so I thought I could lend a helping hand with the kids and houseworks. That's about that.


I haven't been super getting ready or putting heavy makeup on my face for a good one month now because I intentionally avoid it so just my skin will look more flawless and healthy-looking. And guess what? It works! I'm so happy to see my skin is definitely look healthier now and my skin can 'breathe' happily. Did I mention, I ditched all my previous skincare products? Yup, I ditched them. I ditched them for good. And now I have been trying new skincare products and I guess that's just like the icing on the cake.


I have been slipping up with my workout, I bet we've all been there. However, this time I'm starting to realize something; I want a healthier and fit body but I eat everything in the fridge, gurl! That didn't click with what I want for my body, that's for sure. So I have to get going, I mean hit the gym or something?? But man, I'm too lazy to hit the gym so what I do is I started off with 'flashbacking' on what I used to do when I was super taking care of my body and I used to follow all Joanna Soh's workout on Youtube! Yes, that's what I used to do and I'm doing it again at this point of time. It works. That's it. I'd say I have been committed with all the exercise for a good 3 weeks straight now and I'm so proud and happy with myself for not procrastinate or whatsoever. Another achievement for this month, yay! *casually patting myself at the back*


That's that. I probably spent a little too much this month because basically I have nothing to do and I just wanted to shop till I drop. So, I did. And I kind of regret it now but on the bright side, I can do a haul post here on my blog! I just love haul posts and I bet you guys love it too. The fact that Ramadan is just around the corner and Eid is about to gear up soon, I'll be spending more. Yup. I'll be spending more for my baju raya and whatnot. Yes, I'm very prepared for everything in my life including finding the right outfit for that big event a month earlier. Haha! Sorry not sorry. I don't like everything last-minute, I just have to say. Hmm, what about you guys? Have you gotten your baju raya yet, ladies and gents?

That's that. I'm enjoying my April, how about you?

15 Blogging Facts About Me

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

1. My first ever blog url was and I know it sounds cringey and sounds so wrong. It was back then when I was 14 so.

2. I have literally tons of friends here and I do consider them as genuine friends but I haven't met any of them yet! 

3. In my 7 years of blogging on and off, I still suck at coding. All the HTMLs and ones and zeros whatever. It pisses me off and no matter how many times I learned about it, I tend to forget it. Shout out to premade responsive templates for making my life so much easier.

4. I have never thought of running a kinda-sorta beauty blog because I didn't have massive collection of beauty products to begin with but I guess it's all about passion and all the number of products will grow from time to time. Never let the flaws stop you from doing what you love :)

5. I have disabled my comment section once because I thought it wasn't cute until someone asked me where is the comment button. 

6. Writing feeds my soul, I guess. I have always love writing since I was small. When someone reads what I write and gives feedback to me, it's like giving my soul some extra nourishment. You know what I mean, jellybean?

7. My blog used to be some sort of online diary where I'd write about the stupidest things about the girl I hate the most. #DoNotDoThisAtHome It's good to throw bits and pieces of your personal life on the blog but it's never good to express negativity. 

8. I really can't blog if someone watches me or stares at the screen as I'm typing because I can feel a little bit uneasy and 'disturbed'. I need all those space and time.

9. I jot down ideas for my blog posts on my good 'ol notebook. It's just my thing because when I jot down things, I tend to remember it rather than keeping them in my phone. 

10. I have never won any blog giveaways before. Yup. You read that right. Never won any. Maybe because the rules seemed silly to me or they're not up to my standard or maybe because I joined like 2 giveaways throughout the year lol. Giveaways or contests are not really my thing I guess.

11. I always get nervous before starting up a new blog post and I always have to go to pee first. I know it sounds weird.

12. I don't really have a blogging space. I blog wherever I want; at the library, at the cafe, all over the place. 

13. I visit my blog everyday because because. Don't need a reason to; I just love visiting my blog although there's not much to find or to see. I bet some of you have done this too, am I right?

14. I enjoy doing reviews and hauls on my blog because it's fun to do and fun to read and I get to know other people's different views as well. More review and haul posts coming your way because to be honest, I bought quite a lot of beauty products and skincare products! 

15. My photography skill is so crappy and so 2010. I suck at taking photos because 1) I don't have the skills and 2) I don't have all the equipment. All of my images were taken by my phone camera and that's the only equipment I have. Oh and if you see a white background here on my blog, that's probably a piece of drawing block or A4 paper. The white marble background? Oh that's the floor. 

Now it's your turn to share yours!

That One Eyeliner I Always Repurchase

Saturday, April 15, 2017
Who have had the experience of trying tons of different eyeliners because you got played by your eyeliners? I mean they claimed to be smudge proof, budge proof, waterproof, stay on all day, highly pigmented yada yada but did none of all that. Me too. However, I don't have to worry anymore because I've found the one that works best for me.

I have a love/hate relationship with eyeliners because it looks on fleek today, but I might look like a racoon tomorrow. My eyeliner often end up below my eyes, sometimes even for only two freaking hours and it continues to budge throughout the whole day.

IN2IT really impressed me with this baby right here. Since I've started using the IN2IT Hair Brush Waterproof Eyeliner Pen, my eyeliner hardly smudges on me. Only when it's scorching hot outside. It totally gives me the assurance to know that I no longer have to check my eye makeup 637383 times throughout the day or constantly clean up the smudges or even reapply.

The brush, in my opinion, is very well-designed. Why? Because I have all the control I need with this kind of brush/ tip. I can create lines that I desire whether it's a very thick or thin line. I hardly had any trouble getting the line that I want with this eyeliner. The tip is so sharp and pointed like that so when it comes to the 'wing', I can create the perfect 'wings'. The wings that can lift me higher lol. I think it's suitable for both newbies and experts because you can't go wrong with this perfectly-designed brush. I honestly prefer hair brush tip rather than a felt tip because a felt tip tends to dry and hard to achieve a sharp 'wing'.

I have nothing bad to say about this eyeliner, honestly. It's so dark, it's all black (hence the name), I can achieve an insanely pigmented line in one swipe and lasts the whole without smudging on me.

This is the IN2IT Hair Brush Waterproof Eyeliner Pen that retails for RM23.90. You can make a great deal because it's inexpensive and very high quality product. Available at Guardian, Guardian online store and Watsons!

What is that one eyeliner you always go back to?

Gooey Brownies with Shiny Crust

Sunday, April 09, 2017
This is the first time I find myself sharing a recipe on my blog. It's one of the most requested post ever since I posted this post. I didn't know a lot of my readers are a foodie, just like yours truly. Okay, back to the brownies. There are tons of reasons to love about these brownies and I'm going to spill the tea in a minute! So without any further ado, here's the secret to gooey brownies with shiny crust!

A lot of chocolate. 

Yup. It scares the crap out of me because I'm not a fan of chocolate. At all. But I guess, this is an exception. I mean, look at the shiny and satiny sheen on top and mind you they're so very delicate and heavenly. Here's what you will need.

Gooey brownies with shiny crust recipe: 
  • 400g dark chocolate 
  • 150g butter
  • 4 large eggs
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla essence 
  • 100g all purpose flour 
  • 100g brown sugar
  • 100g castor sugar
  • 30g cocoa powder 
  • handful of chocolate chips
  • Start out by pre-heat the oven to 160 degrees for about 20 minutes.
  • In a small saucepan over low heat, melt butter and dark chocolate together. Double boiler will do and don't allow the butter and dark chocolate mixture to boil.
  • While that melt, beat in brown sugar, castor sugar, eggs and vanilla essence until they are well combined and have that golden-brown color. If you're a sucker for vanilla-scented everything, this part is going to be tough for you because it smells heavenly. 
  • Take the dark chocolate and butter mixture and pour it into the sugars, eggs and vanilla essence mixture. Stir until they are well combined. 
  • Once the batter is well stirred and completely combined, add all purpose flour and cocoa powder into the batter. This part require some strong hands if you don't have a stand mixer because the batter is thick and sticky. 
  • Add chocolate chip once the batter is well stirred.
  • Spread into prepared pan and bake for about 30 minutes where the edges should be set and the center look slightly moist, but not uncooked! :)
  • Cool the beautiful brownies on a wire rack for a few minutes and it should be good to go, I mean you can enjoy the brownies but careful not to eat too much because this stuff goes away fast haha.

I find this easy as pie to follow but of course I had to do multiple batches of brownies until I get the perfect one. No regrets baking these gooey brownies because they're so full of chocolate and scrumptious! That's all for now and I hope you enjoyed!

Sunshine Blogger Award

Monday, April 03, 2017

This is legit a long LONG overdue post that should have been up in the month of March but I was super duper busy preparing myself, physically, mentally and emotionally for my finals. Why I still decided to write this post, anyway? Because answering questions online is fun! But not online quizzes, though. You would not know what are the questions; they are pretty random and rare, like the one I have got here. Anyway, I was tagged by Rasya and thank you so much for tagging me! I enjoyed reading yours <3 Here I'm going to answer 11 questions by her and let's get started!

1. If you're an electronic appliance, what'll you be?

An electronic appliance, huh? I wouldn't know, honestly. However, if I could twist the question a little bit and took "If you are a kitchen appliance. what would you be?" I will go with the refrigerator. Why? Because I get to stuffed with food all the time. #FoodMatters #Foodie 

2. The last book you read.

I don't know. Sales management, I guess? It was for my next final paper. If I could be real honest with you guys, it was a book by Jenny Han and it was like three months ago. Sorry not sorry.

3. But wait, do you read?

I do but as of now, I don't enjoy reading that much. I have priorities.

4. If so, what're your favorite authors?

I read a lot of Sophie Kinsella's and Cecelia Ahern's, so I guess they are considered as my favorite. I do love Sidney Sheldon's writings though but I only read like probably three of his books.

5. Recommend me a book.

Aha, I don't know what to recommend. Really. Sorry!

6. What do you visualise yourself as in the future?

This is like a very common interview question, am I right? I wouldn't know, honestly. But all that I can picture is that I'm a successful businesswoman (just like Neelofa!), happily married with my significant other, have cute and adorable babies, living in a nice house, earning a certain amount of money and going to places I wanted to visit and all good vibes. I know it sounds very typical to some of you but this is like my answer every time I get asked such question haha! It sounds really fairytale-like, am I right? But I'm that person who always dreamed about all good things about my future. Who wouldn't want that, no? However, you can't really predict what will be thrown in your way. I guess I can picture myself focusing on being the best version of me that I can be. I may not be a successful businesswoman like Neelofa but I can be successful in my own way. That when I know I'm living the best life. I will focus my attention on what I do have, not on what I lack, I guess :)

7. The biggest decision that you regret making.

Wow, this question happens to be really hard to answer because I have tons of them and I don't know which one to choose so come back to me in like five years.

8. Why do you blog?

Well, I blog simply because I could write. I love writing, and I still do. I write in my notebook all the time. Plus, I love sharing new things to the people online and I love discovering new things from other bloggers too. Apart from writing and sharing, I love getting to know awesome people here! I have known a bunch of them and I just really want to hangout with you guys haha!

9. The meaning behind your blog URL and name.

It's pretty self-explanatory. It's my nickname combined with my father's name. I came up with this nickname because my classmate kept calling me Lenne back then when I was thirteen or fourteen. And here we are now. The reason why I chose this URL because if my blog ever did become successful, I want myself to be known as Lenne Zulkiflly.

10. Recommend me a blog that you always read.

ERIN AZMIR! Hey gurl, heyyy! I'm not saying this because she's my babe but she's the real deal, guys. I just love reading her blog because she loves to throw a bit of her personal life on the blog, I mean come on! Sometimes you do want to know the reality of that particular blogger. No one wants a straight up beauty post in a month but I wouldn't mind that. But honestly, it adds up more fun while browsing through the blogger's website. And yes, I get so inspired by her blog, her writings and all. So, Erin it is!

11. Is blogging fun?

Heck yeah! Just the idea of came across thousands of blogs and thousands of different writing styles are just super fun. I can spend days sitting in front of my computer and doing my usual blogwalking on blogs I followed and visiting new ones as well. Seeing people really passionate in what they are talking and seeing them really into what they are doing, just amazes me. I will instantly get so inspired and I think that's the beauty of blogging, it inspires a lot of people out there to share what they love, to lend a voice on that particular issue and to motivate a busy-school-girl-who-always-procrastinates like me to blog more. Heh.

That's all for now! I hope you enjoyed and have a wonderful day x

Five Things In March

Saturday, April 01, 2017
Hi everyone! How are you guys? It feels awkward to blog since I'm not updating that much. But here goes nothing. March to me passed through like a wind, like a blur. I spent most of my March stressing out about life currently and sitting in class. Mostly. Well, the sad truth about being a student. School is so super duper tiring and I can't wait to graduate already. Oh, maybe complaining about school wasn't a good idea to begin with in today's post. Anyway, I hope everyone is happy with their March!

So here's my Five Things In March.


Why do I have to study Law? You see, this semester is torturing me because of this subject. I can't seem to keep up with it but whatever, I'm done with this semester. Who invented this subject? I would like to sit down and have coffee and have some girl-talk with you because you messing up my grade. The idea of memorizing tons of cases and provisions and don't get me started with the terms used. I mean, what comes into your mind when I say "possessed"?


I had fever twice in exactly 30 days time. It's actually pretty rare for me to catch a fever more than once in a year. I don't know if it sounds weird to some of you, but I do. Probably because I don't stray from the greens and fruits but since I'm far from home and my mom isn't here to take care of what I consume on a day to day basis and school just keep making it worse. I feel like school is holding me back, there are a lot of things I wanted to do for myself but school is absolutely holding me back. But at the end of the day, I'm the one to blame because if I really want it for myself, then I should just go for it, no? Yeah, I didn't take care of what I consume, what I eat, which brings me to my next point.


It did recover though but I would say only for a minute. I mean, for a good few weeks. But then it started to acting up again until now. I think I'm allergic to something new, I don't know, I could be wrong. Every time I put on makeup on top of this problematic skin, it feels super duper itchy and God knows how bad I want to scratch my face. Oh hold up, it's not just that. I do get pimples other than my hormonal pimple, you know what I mean jellybean? My skin is getting weird and I'm just battling that right now.

And people around me be saying I'm not taking care of my skin, gurrrl little did you know, I do take a good care of my skin and pamper it like it is some kind of a precious gem. Just saying. Anyway, if you guys have any tips that you swear by, please let a sister know in the comments because she really needs it.


Not the best picture but this is what I have got. Actually, it was from my lecturer so please excuse that. Can I just say I'm so thankful with this little brain of mine? I'm so proud of you, my brain. Fingers crossed that I get the chance to be listed again this semester. 


(By the time you're reading this, most probably I have already finished my first final paper.) I have a good feeling about this semester's subjects, well, except for Law. I don't know, I could be wrong but last-minute study is never been my thing. I can never do it, I don't know how to. I'd say I'm really well-prepared for all papers. It stresses the hell out of me if I didn't study earlier. Tell me in the comments, do you do last-minute study or nah? I'm just curious to know because I can't ffs.

I guess that's all for now. I hope you enjoyed and have a wonderful day!

Beauty Products I Hate

Saturday, March 25, 2017
I actually don't like to use the word hate but it's part of the idea and I have seen bloggers did this kind of post so. Being someone who is obsessed with beauty products, trying and testing them out means coming across products that I love and "oh so incredible" and also products that I less love that is a no go. So today, I decided to share with you a few products specifically from the drugstore that I hate and I regret buying them.

Beauty Products I Hate

Disclaimer: this is a hundred percent my honest and true opinion so please don't get offended if you love these products. I'm still new to this type of post. What can I say? Different things work for different people, no? BTW, this post contains endless rants, so please bear with me. 

Catrice Waterproof Eyeliner Pen

OMG. I seriously want this product to work out but no bueno. Okay, first thing first. It's somehow difficult to apply, I mean I had a tough time to achieve my wing liner with this bad boy. It has weird tip to me and it didn't want to work out. The product also doesn't want to come out out of the tube, it seems empty even though I just bought it. I don't know, maybe I got the bad one or the expired one? I don't know. You actually have to press harder to get the product out and that just messes up your whole look.

The eyeliner also has a weak staying power. You know I have a long day at school so I want my liner to stay put throughout the whole day but NAH. It disappears into the thin air. Maybe because I have a greasy eyelid but a lot of waterproof eyeliners I have tried in the past never disappear like that. By the time I reached home and go to the bathroom to like check my face out, the liner is all gone and that's not cute. I just don't have anything positive to say about this eyeliner. It's such a crappy product that dries out too quickly and doesn't want to work out and I don't recommend you guys to grab this eyeliner. Better save your money even though this is not pricey, but better splurge on something that works well. I know IN2IT and Maybelline have quite a number of dreamy eyeliners. Check them out instead and don't buy this.

Revlon Colorstay Shadowlinks

I bought these for about a year I believe. I got them on sale so lots of good deals going on back then BUT these are just the worst. It's not just I'm not getting any pigment but they are just too chalky, sheer and tough to blend. It has a very rough texture, it's weird. Once you get the product on your eyes, every single colors will look the same. They have a very low staying power too. It stays on me for like couple of hours and then they start to fade. It's such a turn off, am I right? I wouldn't recommend any of these because they are just not that great in quality. I really wished it has a creamy texture and melts into your skin type of texture, it would have definitely been a hit for me. Maybelline and Essence have some really creamy and pigmented eyeshadows to try out!

Beauty Products I Hate | Lenne Zulkiflly

IN2IT BB Makeup Cream 5 in 1

Don't get me wrong, I love the brand, I'm digging their eyeliners, blushers and lip products. They are incredible. But this one is just a no no. It's a BB cream so I expected it to perform very comfortable on the skin, lightweight and easy to blend but it doesn't do any of that. The consistency is pretty thick almost like a foundation and it doesn't want to blend well. I do get a lot of patchiness using this BB cream and it looks terrible and super cakey on some areas. It also accentuates my fine lines and my smile lines after applying for a few minutes and that's not cute, gurl. 

They also carry like 2 or 3 shades in this range which is shitty shade range. Overall, it's not a good BB cream at all, it's a strong pass. I wouldn't recommend to you guys. Go for Maybelline instead. You can't go wrong with Maybelline.

I guess that's all for now. I hope I didn't offend anyone, it's just my opinion and don't you think it's good to actually be honest about the products you love or hate? All in all, I definitely wouldn't repurchase any of these craps and I hope this post helped you any other way!

Has anyone tried any of these products? What are your thoughts about them? And what other disappointing drugstore beauty products would you highlight? Let me know in the comments! x

A List Of My Daily Essentials

Monday, March 06, 2017
I'm actually quite a fan of seeing and people's essentials. I don't know, it's fun to me. So I thought I would put together a list of some of my day to day essentials. There are just some things in life that I can't live without. Okay, maybe a little exaggeration is going on over there but seriously I totes would die if I didn't have the following items. Haha! What an exaggeration but as long as you get gist. 

Here's a list of things I use and need every single day of my existence, if you will.

A List Of My Daily Essentials | Lenne Zulkiflly

My phone | Come on, this one is surely other people's first pick too. I seriously can't live without my phone. No but seriously, I'm one of those people who gets anxious if their phone dies in the middle of the day. Gotta need my phone in my everyday life. Plus my favorite persons live in there too.

A 1 litre water bottle | Yes gurl. Otherwise,  I would be super dehydrated and people legit think I'm dying. It's actually a 1.3 litre water bottle that I bought from Tesco - it helps so much.

Notebooks | I'm that person who constantly jotting down notes, thoughts and ideas that pop into my little mind. I just love it. I love to see my beautiful handwriting. #SelfPraise #NoShame

Vaseline lotions | OMG I owned like 4 of them because I can't get enough of their lotion especially the cocoa one. Oh my gosh, it smells SO GOOD. The one I'm currently digging is the aloe vera one because I'm obsessed with everything aloe vera.

Aloe vera gel | No surprise. I really love this and can't go a day without putting this aloe gel on my face before I go to bed.

Some of the things I need. PS: I forgot about the water bottle but whatevs

Lip products | Be it lip balm, regular lipstick or liquid lipstick, I just need them. My natural lip color is so pale and it looks like I'm dying. So I really need an extra help from the lippie department. I seriously can't go my day without wearing any lip products, which is why I have so many in my collection. Haha! 

Perfume | Ahh I just love smelling good. I love smelling good all the time. I have quite a number of perfumes and it's a little bit too much actually but what can I say, I'm obsessed with smelling good all freaking time. My current favorite scent is Someday by Justin Bieber. Oh so good. So good.

My contact lens kit | Need I say more? Gotta have this in everyday life, gurl. It contains a small mirror, contact lens case, contact lems rewetting drops and tissue in it.

And that concludes my list of "shit I need on a day to day basis to actually survive". Now you know the things I can't live without and now it's your turn to tell me what's yours!

What would be in your everyday life essentials? What are the things you can't live without?

Beauty Products I Have Been Eyeing On

Saturday, March 04, 2017
Hello lovely people! I thought it would be fun to talk about some of the beauty products that I have been eyeing on for quite some time. But before that, I would like to apologize for not uploading my Five Things In February mainly because I have nothing to do rather than being a busy bee for the rest of the month. So, sorry 'bout that!

Okay, back on to business. I keep things that I have been lusting on my phone because I always tend to forget things that I want. I have quite a bunch of lists from beauty to stationery. So with that being said, let's get down to business.

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation | I have heard nothing but good reviews about this foundation and I really want to try it out myself. I have been eyeing quite a lot of foundations from the drugstore brand to the more high-end brand and somehow I always go back to this one. This foundation is also oil free which is a winner in my eyes since I have oily skin.

Elf Studio Baked Highlighter | I have seen this baby swatched by a lot of Youtubers and I'm obsessed! It has other few beautiful shades than the one I have linked. I have never used Elf products before but Elf recently stepped up their makeup game - that's what they said. I want to experience it myself. I owned quite a number of highlighters already but I can't get enough of it. Just no. 

Nars Laguna Bronzer | Okay, I'm not the bronzer type of girl. I owned like only 2 bronzers in my collection that I rarely pick up. But this one, gurl. It's so stunning! Sophie (Sophia Chang) really made me want to try this one out. It's pretty much the perfect bronzer - that's what they said. I really need to get my hands on this because my face is seriously need some definition.

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Color  | Oooh gurl, you don't have any idea how many times I have swatched this on the back of my hand every time I go to the drugstore. It smells SO good! I have watched Judy's review on Youtube and it makes me want to buy it even more but I don't know why I haven't taken the plunge and bought it yet. Maybe because the shade range is just stunning and I want to grab them all but I can't. They even have new beautiful shades! Oh I'm so getting this and will do a review for you guys. 

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer | I owe it all to Sophie once again. Haha! This is her favorite concealer. I want to try it so bad because the coverage is pretty on point.

NYX Liquid Suede | I have heard amazing things about NYX, especially their lip products. They are highly pigmented and just so you know, Hermo is now carrying these on their website and I might actually buy them. A lot of them. 

Zoeva Brush Set - Eye Set | If I were to get my hands on this brush set, I'm the happiest girl on the planet earth. I have lusted over this for the longest time already. The brushes are so stunning and great quality. Chloe (Chloe Morello) actually love to use Zoeva brushes in a lot of her videos! 

MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lip Color  | I believe this is not-so-new in MAC but I haven't gotten the chance to own any of them yet. I have seen lots of Youtubers reviewed and swatched these babies and I have fallen in love. Jeffree Star reviewed and swatched these liquid lip color recently and I was shook! I want them even more, they are so pigmented and the shade "So Me" is just BEAUTIFUL. The applicator is actually very nice too!

Colourpop Lippie Stix | MY MOST WANTED LIP PRODUCTS. Hands down. I have wanted to get my hands on these for so long! Their Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks are not my cup of tea although they have quite a lot of beautiful shades because it's so very drying. Anyway, a lot of Youtubers raved about this Lippie Stix okay. The shade range is just incredible. The shade "Brink" and "Lumiere" are few of my favorites. You can't go wrong with Colourpop because it's affordable and pretty top notch.

There you have it! I have pretty much a mixture of drugstore and high-end beauty products that I have been lusting. I still have a lot of them but I guess I should stop now because it's going to be a long post and I don't want to bore you guys too much. 

Has anyone tried any of the products mentioned? Aaand do you have beauty products that you have been eyeing on? Let me know! xx

15 Blog Posts I'm Yet To Write

Monday, February 27, 2017
I don't know about you but I find it really hard to make time for my blog at the moment. School is no joke. School is literally taking over everything! It's not that I have a major writer's block, it's just so hard to put my thoughts into words these days. I get distracted so easily, so whenever I'm about to write a new post my house mates are always there to distract me. Sorry not sorry. 

Or is it I'm not opinionated as per always? Lol I don't know.

Now, I have seen quite a few bloggers making a list of things/ post they are yet to write and asking people which one they would like to see next on the blog. So I thought, this is a brilliant idea for my next blog post! I have been neglecting my blog again and I'm super guilty about it. Hopefully these ideas sound like your cup of tea and maybe with a little bit of encouragement from you guys, I can find the inspiration on what to write next.

  • Movies that have a special place in my heart
  • A list of my daily essentials POST
  • Collective haul - beauty edition
  • 15 blogging facts about me POST
  • Stationery haul + favorites 
  • 30 beauty questions tag
  • That 1 eyeliner I will always repurchase POST
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
  • Beauty products I hate POST
  • Collective haul - fashion edition
  • My simple + fresh face makeup look
  • Beauty products I have been eyeing on POST
  • Top 5 blogs I just can't get enough of 
  • An anti-bucket list - a list of things I would never do before I die
  • My brownies recipe! POST

What do you guys think? Do any of these ideas sound interesting to you? I hope I can get through all of these posts rather than them just sitting and chilling in my draft. Let me know in the comments below! xx 

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