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How I Use My Aloe Vera Gel

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Hello people! I have an obsession. I am obsessed with everything aloe vera. I have been on my healthy skin journey for nearly a year. All hail aloe vera gel! Lol. So, my newest favourite skin discovery is aloe vera gel. Gel has actually been a 'grey area' in my regimen because I have never been a big fan of gel. But, I do now!

So, this is the aloe vera gel I am currently using. I definitely used the heck out of this gigantic tube! I got this baby from Guardian for RM32. You can obviously do all of these things using any aloe vera gel, be it this one right here or not. I know Nature Republic also has a popular aloe vera gel.  Without any further ado, let's!

1. Treating puffiness 
Aloe vera is very much helpful in treating puffiness of your eyes. Just grab aloe vera gel and dab on your under eye erea. It helps a lot!

2. Healing wounds
If you have any wounds, blisters or cuts (like I always do) on your skin, just rub the aloe vera gel gently on the affected area to heal them fast. It is true because I have tried it quite few times ;)

3. Hydrate chapped lips
You guys know my drying... It is the worst that can happen to me because I love to rock liquid lipsticks. To combat dry and chapped lips, I just apply the aloe vera gel on the lips to hydrate and heal them. Sometimes when I feel extra fancy schmancy, I love to mix it with a little bit of olive oil and it works wonders as a lip balm! Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

4. Removing dandruff 
I know that aloe vera gel is very multi purpose and multi function. So I tried to apply the gel in the front area of my hair and scalp and tell you what, it did a great job at removing my stubborn dandruff! 

5. Remove acne 
Seems impossible? But nah, it worked! Apply the aloe vera gel on the acne affected skin and acne will surely lessen in just few days. It reduces the swelling, inflammation and prevents further break out.

6. Soothe sunburn 
Aloe vera gel is the perfect remedy for sunburned skin because it has cooling properties and anti-inflammatory. It heals the skin from layer to layer and helps to retain moisture from there. I go to campus by motorcycle, so aloe vera gel is definitely a gem because it gets the job done y'know. I apply it all over the face, hands, arms and feet. No sunburn skin no more! 

7. Makeup remover 
I have had a hard time finding the best makeup remover for my skin because I have oily skin type and most makeup remover at stores are oil-based. So, I have a friend that uses aloe vera gel as her makeup remover and I thought maybe I can give it a go. And yes gurl, it is a simple and effective alternative if you are facing the same problem as me. I just dip my cotton pad into the aloe vera gel and swipe away the day. It does not feel sticky, greasy or whatsoever. So fresh so clean!

Those are the ways I use my aloe vera gel. How do you use it? Tell me in the comments, I would love to know! I hope this post helped you somehow.

Till then x 
12 comments on "How I Use My Aloe Vera Gel "
  1. Fatin pulak tak boleh sapu gel aloe vera tu kat muka banyak sangat, contohnya seluruh muka la. Ni pakai yang dari pokok lidah buaya tu. hehe sebab kat rumah fatin tanam pokok tu. Ada jugak dengar-dengar aloe vera gel ni boleh hilangkan parut jerawat. Tak tahu betul-betul berkesan atau tak. Belum konsisten pakai lagi. Hehehe :D

    1. Sometimes diff product works on diff people hehe. I have a friend that allergic to aloe vera gel, muka dia naik bengkak and keluar jerawat halus banyak gila. but alhamdulillah lenne dah pakai almost a year and memang tak pernah skip pakai day and night. it works wonders to me ^^ btw, best gila kat rumah fatin ada aloe plant! T.T

  2. Kena cari kat guardian ni. sebab jerawat ada muncul dah ni..
    good info. :)

    1. it is better to get it from the drugstore like watsons and guardian fyi :)

  3. Waa banyak jugak function aloe vera ni. Biasanya just sapu kat kulit yang menggelupas aje huhu

    1. aloe vera mmg multi function! you boleh search kat google if you wish to know more :)

  4. Menarik la entry ni! Tak pernah tahu boleh guna as makeup remover. Lepas ni boleh tryyy

    1. now you do :) sometimes makeup remover pun tak remove all of the makeup so I pakai aloe vera gel to remove the excess and what's left on the eyes la usually. Very good utk remove stubborn mascara tau haha

  5. totally agree with you honey! i've just currently started using nature republic's aloe vera gel and it works fantastically on my skin..i applied it on my face before night sleep and wow the cooling effect,i really love it ! ..

    1. I second that. I love to touch my face right when I wake up. Sooo smooth hihi


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