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10 day random challenge day 9 | Skin care routine

Friday, April 29, 2016

Assalamualaikum and hello!

Let's have a little skin talk here. I have oily skin and I usually get oily around my T-zone, especially my nose. I don't have blackheads but I do get too much breakouts during the time of the month. I don't know if it is normal or what. That is just how my skin rolls during the P, if you know what I mean. Overall, I don't think my skin is a problematic skin, except when it is during the time of the month. Here I will be telling you what skin care products I use during the day and night.

Without any further ado, let's!

Face wash

Currently, I'm using the Cosmoderm Tea Tree Oil Facial Cleanser, day and night. It helps control oil but I don't like the scent of it, it smells so chemicaly to me. I just have to bear with it. It is what it is. It has been more than three months since I first using it and my skin feels like a baby's butt, I mean it is really soft. I'm liking it. For scrub, I'm using the ST IVES Apricot Scrub Invigorating & Smoothes Skin. I use the scrub twice a week and remember guys, don't use face scrub everyday. Especially when you have breakouts!


One of my favorite ways to treat my skin is to use a clay mask. I'm using the Freeman Mint & Lemon Clay Mask. Ever since I have been using this, I have noticed my pore size decreased dramatically. The scent of it is to die for. I love the smell of this mask. So citrusy! I will switch it with the Mario Badescu Special Mask For Oily Skin, sometimes. It works like magic! Another treatment that I love to use during the day only is egg white mask. I'm using the Mistine Egg White Peel Off Mask. The peel off everything is just so satisfying haha. It does not smell like eggs which is good. It is more of a floral kind of scent and sort of strong and hurting my sense of smell haha. Anyway, it is an amazing product. If I'm feeling a little fancy, I will use a face mask before I go to bed and I have been using the Garnier Sakura White Mask and it does a little something but nothing too extravagant.

Tone the skin

OXY Oil Control Toner is by far the best toner I have used. I love it. Sometimes, I will switch it with the SAFI Balqis White Trilogy Toner. These products worked well for me. It does give me that stinging sensation but some says that if it stings, it does the trick. And yes, my skin feels incredible!

Hydrate/ moisturize

I'm using the Jeju Aloe Fresh Soothing Gel from The Face Shop to moisturize. This is my holy grail. The reason why I use the aloe gel thingy is because it is lightweight. People often think the heavier the moisturizer, the better. I just don't want something heavy because I still have a younger skin, so no need to slap my face with something that is too heavy. Anyway, I moisturize my face twice a day, during the day and night to keep my skin feels fresh. And I don't neglect drinking water! There, natural product haha.

There you have it, my skin care routine. It's really simple, I just follow these 4 steps to rejuvenate my skin. I just want to clarify things, different products work for different people and all the products mentioned have worked well for me. Okay? So, do you have oily skin? What skin care products do you use to combat the oiliness of your skin? Let me know! :)
2 comments on "10 day random challenge day 9 | Skin care routine"
  1. Banyaknya produk lenne pakai! Hehehe. Okay la ia sesuai dengan kulit lenne. Macam fatin ni, kadang-kadang tak period pun tumbuh jerawat, jenis jerawat batu pulak tu. Haishh stress je. Parut nampak seketul-seketul. hahaha. Rasa macam nak pakai balik safi rania gold since next year dah nak masuk 25 tahun, which is umur orang dewasa. huhuhu. yang tu lah yang paling lama pakai pun nak dekat 3 bulan.

    Sebab fatin jenis suka tukar-tukar skincare sebab hormon tak menentu. lenne pakai produk apa untuk hilangkan parut? ke just stick dengan daily routine je? :)

  2. @Fatin Liyana takdalah banyak mana pun hihi. hmm parut eh? takda guna pape pun just stick dgn my routine tu je :D


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