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What's In My Bag [2015]

Monday, October 19, 2015
This is actually fun because you never know what's inside your bag until you take them out one by one. So, I've decided to do that, (let's see if we can find anything nasty lol) with the help of my kid sister. Trust me guys, you never wanna know what's inside a girl's bag hahaha. Okay enough talking, I wanna show you what's in my bag ;)

This is the bag that I'm currently carrying. It's a huge goddamn black bag and it suits with every outfit hahaha. It's actually my sister's but she ain't using it so yeah. As you can see the size, you can put literally everything in this bag hahaha but I don't want to break my shoulder though. Okay, let's get into it!

1. My purse and passport. I've had my passport inside my bag for ages. It's actually valid in Sarawak ONLY because I used to study in Sarawak.

2. My makeup bag and girl's stuff.

3. My perfume. Gotta have my perfume. I'm really self-conscious about my odor. Not that I have such bad body odor but I just cannot- Me without carrying any perfumes with me is a no-no. Btw, it's victoria's secret inspired perfume by Perfume Generics but I'm running low on it.

4. My contacts pouch. Basically everything that has to do with my eyes. Eye drops, contacts tweezers, etc.

5. Powerbank and a phone charger. Just in case.

6. House keys. 

7. Needles and brooches. Again, just in case. #hijabisproblemlol

8. Tissue. 

9. My notebook and a pen. Because when I'm bored, I draw. Nothing really fancy, I just love to draw palm trees when I'm bored. Only palm trees and I don't even know why.

10. Receipt and used tissues. *cough* trash *cough*

So, yeah that's that. I hope you guys enjoyed. I'm so sleepy right now. Make sure to drop your comments because I looooove to read them. Till then!
12 comments on "What's In My Bag [2015]"
  1. hahaha normal girl things, my bag will full almost the same with extra; umbrella, medicine, foodstuff *i dont know why i store food inside my bag*

  2. At least your bag a lot more clean than mine xD dalam beg kita mostly ada sampah plastik gula2 hahaha sbb suka kunyah gula tiap masa

  3. @Nadia Farhana Aww hahaha! I do, too. But tak selalu lah sebab kalau dah balik rumah lepas habis keluar tu memang malas nak bersihkan bag. Nanti tak pasal2 bersemut pulak bag hahaha :D

  4. @Dalila Samsudin Yup hahaha. U're right! Usually a lot messier la than this but selalu keluarkan benda yg tak sepatutnya ada dalam bag before going out. Tu lah nampak macam clean sikit hehehe :D

  5. Singgah kali ke 2..

    Byk gak brg dlm beg lenne tu..

    Kunci rumah suami pegang dah skrg. Akak byk resit2 beli brg..resit2 byr bil..hahahahaha...

  6. Girls.. and their stuffs, tak dapat dipisahkan. hahaha. fatin punya perangai ni susah betul nak buang resit-resit yang dah berkurun lamanya. barang make-up selalunya yang penuh dalam beg :D

  7. @rubiah kadir Tu lah apa yg orang cakap kak, makin besar size bag makin banyaklah isinya hahaha :D

  8. @Fatin Liyana Hahaha sama lah kita fatin! Dulu takda lagi makeup bag tu, habis berselerak dalam bag semua. Bila kelam kabut mencari barang, ntah apa yg dicapai dalam bag nanti hahaha XD

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